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Months of social distancing is rotting my mind, seeing the same faces every day and no others. For the first month, I was so ecstatic but over time I grew less and less fond of not having the ability to see my family see that there are other humans in the world. At least now I'm starting to develop new interests that I wouldn't have if lockdown didn't happen such as a new music range. Lockdown has made me able to go a long time without being bored. I can now use my initiative and find ways to entertain myself. Yes, lockdown was fun at the start until I started looking into all of the "Conspiracy Theories" and having my opinion change each time I start to look further into it.
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A drawing of a Venn diagram with the overlapping part shaded. The words In Common and BLM are underneath in large writing.
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in / common

In / common Common. A word that isn’t necessarily positive. Neither is it negative. Generally referring to something average. In abundance. Ordinary. An observation. To be a common person is to be poor or lowly. To have a common feature or name or eye colour is to be boring and uninteresting. If in a game you were to find something of a common value, the player wouldn’t feel anything, really. To be common is to be ignored. Dismissed. It seems then, that value is only truly rarity. To be rare is to be desired. To be desired is to be valueable. In placing a small word in front of this unimportant one then, why do we have a phrase that is used so often? This small word, that can be noun, preposition, adverb, adjective. Perhaps because, in combining the two, we have a term which allows two things to be connected, two strangers to feel familiar, two objects to relate. To have something in common with another person is the highest form of compliment. To share a link, a trait, a love, a pursuit. So how does adding this small word allow the meaning and, yes, value to completely change? Perhaps it comes down to humanity’s need to form relationships. To validate and be validated. To love and be loved. Because this term, until applied to multiple subjects, has no worth. For really, what is art without the viewer? What is music without the listener? What is literature without the reader? To know that you have something that many others also have is insignificant, but to know that you share something with another is powerful. To share a hair colour, hobby, religion, skin colour, home, interest; it brings more meaning to these things. For really, what is anything that we have, feel, or think without another to share it with.
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In the Rain

In the Rain With my head resting upon the window of our car, I watch the tiny raindrops snake their way down, racing to the bottom of the pane, in a hurry to get to the end of their journey but failing to think of the consequences they will face when the road comes to an end. It was as I watched that it struck me, how similar each of us are to one of those raindrops, rushing about our business determined to finish first. Dashing through our childhood, desperate to arrive at our adult years before slowly coming to the realisation that we preferred it where we were, at the beginning of life, at the top of the window. On occasion, the trail we leave happens to collide with that of someone else. Frequently we travel a short way together before moving on and continuing our journey alone, however, once or twice we collide with someone who will join us on our path for the rest of our life and will remain with us until the very end. It is because of these random yet vital collisions that our paths twist and turn and constantly change as we make our way down the window. It’s funny because as we begin, we cannot wait to plunge down into the middle of our limited time of existence but the further we fall, the more we wish we could climb to the top and start again, the more we wish we could repeat what we have already done and fix all of our mistakes. But however much we wish this or will it to happen, the inevitable fate that awaits us all will eventually tighten its grip and drag us down to join the multitude of raindrops who have fallen off the window. And now imagine that it is not only your window that is full of droplets but that every window of every car is dripping with them, because that is what our planet is like, each town, city, country and continent is dripping with life so that the trails we leave behind from our life times create a web, knitting each and every person together and ensuring that we all have something in common.
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