A Mother’s Warning

Be careful my dear do not look straight at the sun. It will burn your eyes and leave you blind to the world and the beauties that fill it. Be careful my love, do not yet lose hope to the world that surrounds you. Though pain and fear weave their way into our lives do not give them the power to control you. I know that you see all the anger and hate spread by those who do not think. You watch as the world you have come to love slowly teeters towards the brink. I was once like you my darling , scared of the world and the place that it occupied in my thoughts. It is easier for some to look at the sun and trade the fear that seeing the world creates and instead embrace the freedom of being blinded. Blinded from the hateful faces and painful images of the world before you. Yet my love do not lose yourself to those thoughts for they are only passing. They have no power over you unless you give it to them. Instead my flower see the world for its beauty. The never ending sky connecting us across the world. A blanket stretching and changing with each passing day. It protects us from the cold of space. Focus on the greenest grass that stretches from plains to mountains, growing and spanning miles. Look at the trees that stretch to the sky holding out their branches for you to climb. Listen to the sea call out in waves for you to dip your little toes in and feel the cold. Let it sing to you and send you off to the land of sleep. Scale the mountains of the world, giants that reach to the sky. They will tell you the tales of men and gods past. Run across the plains and feel the world stretch for miles around you. See the world for its possibility. My world you have so much to see and to learn. Talk to others and you’ll find that your fears are ones that flow through us all. It is a commonality that cannot be avoided but instead we choose to share our love for the world around us. Our differences are beauties of their own and without them we shall never grow. Our voices shall sing to the heavens as we tell of our tale. A small planet shared by trillions of creatures all connected under one blue sky. Be careful my dear, do not look straight into the sun. Though she shines bright she cannot help you hide. Instead look at those around you, faces from all continents capable of so much. Look at them and see our common love for our planet. Then my universe when you are ready to leave, fly with them to reach a place that I could only dream of. All my love, Mother N

by A. Johns

© Copyright 2020 A. Johns. All rights reserved.