You Had Nothing in Common.

You had nothing in common. You had nothing in common, but here I am. The product of a venture doomed from the start The only common ground that’s left to stand on. All there is. I often thought there must have been something else, Some other force that caused worlds to collide You’re adamant there was nothing, you had nothing in common. Yet here I am. I sometimes wonder how you must feel, how you feel about me, about being tied to each other for all these years. The fights, the silences. They’re all you have in common. At least while I’m still here. And no matter how hard I try, the pieces of your jigsaw just don’t fit together maybe that’s the point? But, but I just can’t believe it, I can’t believe us. So are you sure? sure you had nothing in common.

by Amelie, Year 10

© Copyright 2020 Amelie. All rights reserved.