We Have Nothing in Common

My eyes are green, dark and despairing Yours are blue; blue, bright and beautiful. What really is the point in comparing? You’re so much better, it’s indisputable. We have nothing in common. My hair is flat, boring and lifeless, Yours dances round your face in elegant beauty. My face lacks any kind of brightness. The way you tease me is almost cruelty. For we have nothing in common. When you smile the world lights up; You fill the world with goodness and joy. With you around, my tummy ties up, But stay away, all I touch I destroy And we have nothing in common. I don’t understand what you see in me I’m a failure, nothing and a mess. Your heart is sweet, calm and dreamy, My personality isn’t something nice to undress. You see, we have nothing in common. Look away. I know you don't see me You see someone living, loving, surviving But I'm damaged and broken, its dreary You create happiness by just arriving We really have nothing in common. My love for you is vast and endless And although I know it’s pointless My heart screams to be seen by you But for me, your heart hasn't a clue We’ll never have anything in common.

by Keziah Tate, Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Faversham


© Copyright 2020 Keziah Tate. All rights reserved.