Uniquely the Same

In common. It is a platitude that we have all heard dozens of times, whether to make a mere remark or simply to state a likeness between two or more things and/or individuals in question. A significant number of people share the same interpretation of the phrase because of its distinct meaning. You and I share an array of similarities due to the fact that we have a lot of things ‘in common.’ The main reason as to why this is the case is because we are both part of the human race therefore harbour some certain attributes. Although it is not under direct, conscious control breathing is part of our lifestyle. It is required to sustain life, so involuntary respiration occurs such as when we are asleep and thereby we are both simply living. Fortunately, we both have a home and somewhere to go every time we leave our residences. In addition, we both experience emotions such as happiness, excitement, or other feelings. Everyday we have emotions that can compel us to take action and influence the decisions we make about our lives.These qualities are shared alike by two or more people and are certainly shared by you and I. Despite our similitude of being in the human race, there are undoubtedly some unpleasant things that we have ‘in common.’ A clear example of this is the fact that we both celebrate a carnivorous lifestyle. However you may, of course, have a preferred diet such as vegetarianism or veganism. We are all flawed as human beings and therefore are prone to have bad habits as a result. Nevertheless, we also have good qualities to overcome them. The largest human influence on climate change has been through the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane which contribute to global warming. In spite of the fact there are more, these are things we have in common, the good and the bad. To be in the present feels like being aware of what is happening this very moment. It means that you are not distracted by future worries or ruminations of the past; instead centered in the here and now. Being present is having a mind that is completely engaged and appreciatively connecting with whatever the task at hand is. This can result in catharsis. Hence, when hearing such a phrase, 'in common', in the present it makes me think of what exactly are the things in question that have a resemblance in and the intent of the speaker who uttered the words ‘in common.’ The word ‘in’ has a connotation of withinness or something being inside something else. In this instance, the word ‘common’ evokes the idea of a shared similarity. Thus, when these two words are combined together the phrase produced conjures up synonymic meanings to everyone that hears it.


by Ellie, Age 15


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