The World We Live In Now

The World We Live in Now Sounds collected by the students still being educated in St Bede’s Interchurch School during lockdown. Poem written by Esme, Year 9, based on the phrase ‘in common’ and partly inspired by Roger McGough’s ‘The Sound Collector’ It’s common to hear ten types of bird call, Common to giggle on the playground. It’s common to find empty plastic bottles lying around Common to know the sound, Of wind, of the clock, of footsteps and of talk. It was common to know the sound of talk more than type, It was common to hear traffic, shouting, the sound of wheels on a bike. It’s still common to hear ambulance sirens, It was always a common thing. But the old me and I don’t share something in common; She doesn’t pray for the patient that siren brings.

by Esme Johnson, Year 9, St Bede’s Inter-Church School, Cambridge

© Copyright 2020 Esme Johnson. All rights reserved.