Something in Common

Something in Common Confusion culminates like a smog suppressing Our vision and concealing the road ahead. Each road located in different places. We’ve been taught to ‘Never Eat Shredded Wheat’ But the compass points in no clear direction. Heroes soar Seamlessly clad in smocks, masks and nitrile gloves. Together they will save our country. Will they all Emerge victorious from their battles? I pray so. Worry is a venomous snake; the perpetrator’s Fangs painfully piercing our perceptions. The serpent Attacks at night. Night when the darkness Descends like the gas in the previous battles. Differences cast aside, man joins hands - Yet cannot touch - two metres now An endless abyss defended by eternity. Still there is hope. Together we dream Of the riches at the end of the rainbow. A golden utopia glitters where corona Belongs once more to angels. Angels Who ascended prematurely from us, Leaving Earth grieving. Tears cascade From towering clouds, collect in dams: Only to be shed again. Confusion culminates Like a smog suppressing our vision and concealing The road ahead. But a searchlight shines. We are now united through something in common. Honor Graham

by Honor

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