"Beyond the crystal glass I see A motionless portrait – A figure staring back At me. She holds me with her softened gaze, Hair tousled by the zest from our summer days. Her smile is white yet now restrained: A replica of my diffident frame. When joy lights up my fragile face, It glows in her The very same way. When ominous snakes of sorrow seep in, Her eyes shine bright, Watered to the brim. Through her I see my one true self; Her clarity never fades. We disapprove of and appreciate The same tastes and textures and shades. We’ve grown together – Two synchronised images Made from one. From the very same threads we have been spun, Morphing into beings soon to be frayed By the merciless stitches of Time and Age. But then I turn away And she silently leaves, Slipping into the depths Beneath the looking-glass’ gleam. My heart bleeds to remember Her tender face, And so I return, Longing for her appearance from that Looking-glass place. In what abyss have I kept her – Confined to the walls of a crystalline glass? And how can I forget her porcelain frame, With no voice or thought or dream or name But mine? Is there another girl she longs to be – Someone far greater and bolder than Me? "

by Karissa

© Copyright 2020 Karissa. All rights reserved.