There are four things that all humans have in common. 1. All kids want to play. Living in developing nations as a seven-year-old came with its struggles, but not when I was with other kids. Even if I spoke English and they spoke Romanian, Georgian, or Lettish, we were still able to dress up dolls and play ‘tag’ in the garden. As long as we laughed, ate cookies, and had somebody to climb monkey bars with, we were living the dream. 2. Everybody is proud of their sports teams. In each of the thirty six countries I’ve visited, somebody has asked me which team I support or tried to sell me tickets to the upcoming game. Sports jerseys, noise makers, and replica uniforms coloured the streets on any given day in all of the countries to show pride, morale, and confidence. 3. We agree that weather is worth going outside for. Let’s face it - city living is not easy, so you’re used to seeing the dull, purposeful expressions on Parisienne’s faces as they race past you to get home. There is a physical lift of emotion when the first snowflake sticks to the ground and people look up from their phones to see the beauty around them. Smiles form, neighbors wave, and families join their friends in throwing snowballs. There is an instant connection as you experience this joy with others around you. No longer are you fighting for space or money, you are simply enjoying the beauty. 4. Our instinct as humans is to help in times of need. 2020 has been a crazy year, with the threat of a third World War, presidential incompetencies, an ironic declaration of ‘The International Year of Planet Health,’ and the global pandemic of COVID-19. Through the tension, hatred, and fear, people of all nationalities, ages, and orientations are stepping up and helping anyone in need. In true desperation, we are able to look past labels and see the real facts: people are suffering. Innocent children, workers, humans are dying. And people are doing their part because they can. Not because they should. If you take a closer look at these four things that all humans have in common, you see a trend: we all take the opportunity to connect, grow, and show our humanity. Underneath the tension, underneath the social injustices influencing our decisions, underneath the promises made if we do our work and stay quiet is love and humans will take every opportunity to show it. This is what we have in common: we are humans and we will do everything we can to stay like that.

by Emma, Year 10

© Copyright 2020 Emma. All rights reserved.