Nature and Us

Nature and Us The clouds, curtains of the sky, shadow us. They watch us As we continue to destroy our love, We cannot help ourselves, We are consumed by what we can’t have. The flowers, jewels and gems of our gardens, Admire the birds flying high in the sky They envy their freedom, They envy their unity, But it is what we lack. Nature observes us As we make each mistake, Watches us carefully. Like us, nature breathes So why must we destroy? We take what we want but don’t it give back. Is it in our blood? Are we wired to destroy? We have things in common Yet they have been forgotten. Nature has numerous things shared. The romantic poets taught us plenty Yet we chose to ignore what wonders they wrote. It seems as if they had morals But that’s now what we lack. Nature’s a strong force Of beauty and of vengeance We should maintain our harmony. But If we continue with no forgiveness It will be to our end. Our Imagination is common Some other things too: The air that we breathe The water we drink, Our need for love, But not all are worthy. We need to change And turn commonness into unity. It’s for our survival.

by Kaura, Age 16

© Copyright 2020 Kaura. All rights reserved.