Her Lost Half

 “You’re it!” Ari shouted, she started to run, I followed her. As I was about to get her, she fell. When she reached the bottom, I ran down after her. “Ari! You need to be more careful” I shouted whilst rolling my eyes. I helped her up. ”Look what you did”, I tried wiping the dirt from her dress, it didn’t work. We started to walk, hoping to find a path. ”God forbid if it got dark, lost in the woods in the dark, my favourite” I said sarcastically. “Don’t be silly, we will find our way home. I promise” she held out her pinkie, as normal she tries to make light of our situation. But I saw through her, I guess it was twin telepathy people keep talking to us about. We had grown up in a small town , and as it is known that twins are very uncommon, we got treated like royalty. At first, the attention was amazing, but it started to become too much for us. We changed our hair, dyeing and cutting. We both used to have long, curly brown hair. I changed my hair to a lilac colour, whilst Ari changed hers to a black bob. I guess you could say we were close, we had always been there for each other. I was stronger than her, but she was kinder and could handle problems with just words, lots of people looked up to her. The night began to fall, quicker than expected. “It is getting dark, maybe we should-“ She cut herself off. I looked at her and her face lit up. “Laura! Laura, look!” she shouted and pointed her finger. There was a village. She started to run again, faster than before. As we arrived, I felt something wasn’t right. I can’t remember what it was exactly, but I know it was something to do with the obvious lack of people. Ari went ahead whilst I followed. The village was like a mirror of a section of our town, which was weird. There was a lot in common, but not exactly. Ari’s shouting woke me up from my confusion. “Laura! Are you coming?” She stopped and waited for me to catch up with her. As I was walking, I saw a dark figure come round the corner. A hand swept over my mouth. “Laura? What are you doing don’t just stand there, hurry up I want to go explore” She said. Could she not see them? Frightened, I tried to scream, nothing. I tried to shout, nothing. Then everything started to fade to black. That’s when I woke up here. “So that’s all you can remember? No idea of where your sister is?” A man asked. Laura shook her head, her eyes started to tear up. Had she lost her sister forever? “We think that someone has taken your sister, twins are rare. They might have just preferred her” He said. Laura nodded, was that the only thing she could do?

by Faith, Age 13, Eggars School

© Copyright 2020 Faith. All rights reserved.