"Commonality between people comes down to one simple word, That we have all heard, And all scientists on the planet have concurred That it isn’t random that all of us have eyes, a mouth and a nose, It isn’t just something that grows Arbitrarily on one but not another, Instead it comes from our mother, So what makes us similar? Genes. I share so much in common with my brother Much more than with my significant other, And why is that? No, it didn’t just fall out of a hat, It’s because we have the same parents, And even though we’re now adolescents, Something in our bodies rarely change, Genes. And what’s all this about primates, Yes, we do share DNA with them, Even if they can’t lift weights, Or eat dates, They really do lie along our stem Of creation and forever will they do so, Sharing over 95% of our Genes. So thank you Charles Darwin For leading us on a discovery That we all are in, And therefore, in summary: Genes are 'a unit of heredity which is transferred from a parent to offspring and is held to determine some characteristic of the offspring.' "

by Oscar, Year 11



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