Fate’s Appraisal

Fate’s Appraisal Searching for any source of mutuality between the pair was a struggle. One was the most worrisome kid ever conceived, endlessly shaking at the most minor mentions of publicity. The other was a radio’s reincarnate. Spreading false truths like a wildfire, ignoring the deforestation that it left behind in its enraged wrath. Never any feuds, barely any dialogue spoken directly. Just common courtesies of greetings if they ever spotted each other. A more common occurrence than imaginable. Their magnetism was obvious, yet unintentional. Apparently unplanned. Whenever one left their home, the other would unknowingly do so as well. They’d find themselves in the same space, ignorant of the location. Coincidental, yet expected when the soulmate label was thrown. A conspiracy that everybody excluding the two was on board with. It was a fact. Aggressive denial was ineffectual so they learned to live with it. By avoiding each other completely. Disregarding the sorrow that it brought. Their only contact was to confirm that the other wasn’t also present, leading to months without a single sighting. This time intentional. Years passed, and their personalities seemed to swap almost simultaneously. Still juxtaposing, but backwards. The harsh grip of anxiousness had blossomed into a confidence never before witnessed. Now constantly displayed through prideful performances. Becoming boastful. The gossiper lost their defining popularity. Instead, spending days hugging hoodies and desperately desiring a single online buzz. Obsessive attempts left fruitless. They had long since stopped their messages. The illusion of their foretold romance became old news. Replaced by a common distaste. Undoubtedly violent. One day, it’d be a bloody nose, gently dripping its liquid perpendicular to wet eyes. The next, a broken leg. Crutches for months. An intense hatred brewed, oozing into the spotlight. They’d never been close, but now their fists were closer than their individual hearts ever were. Combined. A short stretch from mortal enemies. Unrecognisable from their earliest interactions. Now bruised and bloodied. An unexpected future when compared to an engagement. Adulthood was reached and both left their little town, flocking to opposite sides of the country. Pursuing careers in completely different fields. Never to speak again. The ancient stereotypes were burnt to a crisp. Rotting in their own decay. The new lives became a solace for decades, but one that proved temporary. Both returning to their nest. Brand new people were born. Morphed from their foreign experiences yet gained commonality in their interests. Laughing, with animated smiles. Joined at the hip. Even the mirror never displayed one without the other. One connected unit, coded in conjunction. The Sun and Moon had finally reached their eclipse. Their deviation now complimenting. With a future set out in the very constellations that one studied and the other painted. The rocky groundwork resulting into an underbelly for a more affectionate future. Hand gently gripped in hand. Rings worn.

by Mimi Matson

© Copyright 2020 Mimi Matson. All rights reserved.