Disconnected Love. Hate. Miscellaneous things Torrents of passion and words that sting Sparks that soar when meeting a gaze Quickly spiral into an air of malaise Love and lust the line is thin A constant battle we wish to win Marigold rays with an amber glow Glistering the ground once cloaked with snow Nature awakens from it's deepest slumber Spring chases fall whose days are numbered Seasons change and so do we But unlike nature we choose who to be We live in a world consumed with greed The rich get richer while we hope to be freed Not from shackles of the material kind But years of injustice we wish to rewind Creed, colour, visage or race We have more in common that should be embraced Static cities and flashing screens Models and media but what does it mean? Broken people who put on a show Were like you and I not long ago Rumours, gossip, murmurs and lies Push these people into their demise Great stone statues and art with grace Intricate detail found in every trace Time fleets past and features weather Minds stay young with skin like leather Legacies live from decisions made But eventually these memories fade

by Amina

© Copyright 2020 Amina. All rights reserved.