before anyone else

"you and i have more in common than meets the eye a figment of connection that weaves through the fibres of our skin, that is far from pervasive or de facto in nature we are an interrelation that strays from the confines of the status quo or strata or inflexibilities of human societies that forever seem to box us into a homogenous realm of expectation and reputation but no. you and i have more in common then the sensation of touch on your fingertips our commonality appears intransient opaque and redoutable in force it’s there: waiting in the tissues that lie under the cloak and drapes of your hair something the callous hands of capitals and monoliths and bureaucracies could never grasp because we embody the elixir of human good you are kind and gentle and beautiful if our raw commonality is the oracle you seek. but where we truly lie in each other’s common paths is how you and I put each other before anyone else

by Ayushmaan Sharma, Age 15, Year 11, Seven Kings School

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