‘Where do you draw the line?’ by Meghan Flauna, age 15, Year 10, Bishopshalt School, Uxbridge

So where do you draw the line
When the thoughts are thinking and they come back so intertwined
It’s so thin the desperation between something you should have and something you need
Because there’s not enough time to thicken the sweet thin line
The face stays calm while the bullets spinning around my head do me no good just harm
And I’m trying to hide away
To cover up my broken face
And I will quote I do not mind
Cuz the thoughts are endless and they shatter you a million times
They scatter all over and move from face to face
Then they finally reach you and settle because you’ve sat in last place
So where do you draw the line
The one you need the thing you grief
You could not save me from living through this tragedy
It always has to be me
They’re my thoughts
All a result from your lack of Kautz
It’s a rigged game that constantly on repeat
And the ending feels so very incomplete
But I’m losing my sanity
And the willingness to just let it be
Where do you draw the line
Is it over, is it not?
Are we playing again until you’ve won every single lot,
The conventional end to my story
There’s a villain there’s an end
But when they finish in my head they just start over all again
The same thoughts carry on an idea can’t die
One will leave with no glory
And the hero has to stand their own ground
Forgetting those who are hell-bound
For the young girl trapped inside the cage
Is forgotten and can easily be replaced
So I’ll ask the creator to please show your face
So you can see how your thoughts will never be erased
So where do you draw the line
Life is like a story book
You miss chapters it will be misunderstood
And every part is important
Even the ones who seem extremely boring
And you skim too fast it’ll end a lot sooner
Not as enjoyable won’t leave you as thrilled to seek more out in life we just dissociated those friends
So where do you draw the line
I cannot tell anymore
What have we all come to is it something we can afford
What goes on in my head I cannot deny its driving me mad and it’s enters so sly
For its there then it’s not
Its gone to another
It chooses its victims and flees from the master
The creator the villain;
Is it a story, I don’t know
My thoughts are now yours to question
So at least I’m not alone
For the question has changed since you first picked me up
Now you think about what I see and we’ll play best of three