‘What I Feel … about time’ by Anjaliyn Antony, Featherstone High School

Sometimes I feel like the world is moving faster than it should and sometimes
that makes me happy and sad. I think this happens to a lot of people and not a
lot of those people realize this. And some of those people would do anything to
slow time down a bit. Is it possible to slow time down? Will when I write I feel like
everything around me stops and I like that, it makes me happy. Writing is like the
pause and play button on a boombox to me. I can pause whenever I want and
play whenever I want.
For example, I could be sitting in class and all these words would come into my
head and that’s when time stops for me, that’s when I pause time and start
putting those words into sentences then into paragraphs. Like this paragraph

“Clashing coffee cups engulfed my ears, the aroma of coffee beans opened my
nose, the ticking of the clock chained on the wall filled tension in the air. The
silence was loud… The air was thick and warm, sunlight passing through the
transparent glass window, hitting my hand. The sun was proud of itself. Chairs
around me looked lonely wanting love and affection, Cups calling out for a kiss.
That’s when I realized how bare the room was, with no one to talk to nor care for.
Expect Me…”

While writing this in my boring class the only words that came into my head were
coffee, the sun and me. Just with those words I wrote that paragraph which I am
proud of and you should always be proud of your work. I did this by stopping the
world around me for just 5 minutes, imagine what I could do with 5 hours. But
stopping time is not always a good thing because it will make you forget about
the world around you and their existence so you should always have a balance
between the two and sometimes you don’t realize how isolated you had been all
this time.

The world will keep moving whether we like it or not but it our chose whether we
waste it or not.