‘We Don’t Need Them’ by Amelia Bye

There is no such thing as order. Chronological… Time isn’t an illusion, rather an invention of the
Gods made to keep lesser beings under their control. In check. Afraid. You arrange things in an
‘order’ that you believe makes sense. Dates, times and days. Of all the numbers for a year, why
choose 365? Don’t you find it strange that you still follow the whims of long dead men? And you
don’t know if they’re right or wrong. The sun dictates when you should rise and fall, but why
should he? Why don’t you ever ask why?

Timelines are a hideous restriction. A line is a wrong thing to define a world built upon
complexity. Very few things fall on one side of the line of right and wrong and the line is one of
them. The world is simply too complex for the idiocy that is “right and wrong”.

Do you ever wonder why our gods and goddesses hide where we can’t see them? They have
us build temples and shrines. They are too lazy to even build their own houses. That they don’t
need. Resources wasted on deities (who don’t even talk to us) when the poor are squatting in
misery and turmoil. They want to lord over us. Pretend they are as powerful as they sa\y they
are. They’re not scared of us. Their creations, I mean. We’re just toys to them. But they should
be. Afraid. We don’t need them. Your power… you can feel it flowing through your veins. It’s
your’s. And for those of you who fight without magic… Well, you are just as powerful with or
without them. We don’t need them. You don’t need them.

I’m not saying you should kill them. I’m not saying you shouldn’t, either. I am simply stating one
fact that is so painstakingly obvious, that they have made us too scared to even say it. We all
know it. We all think so. None of us say it. One simple fact.

We don’t need them.