‘Wallpaper’ by Sophia

The most human I’ve felt,

As I stare at myself,

With tears streaming down my face.

The mirror is faded,

From my shower’s condensation,

Though one wipe uncovers a disgrace.

The writing’s on the wall.

You have done it all,


The worst is yet to come.

The sensation of the guilt will manifest

Into a song:

The lullaby of despair.

The secrets in the air fade until they’re mist.

Until they see themselves glisten in the

reflection of another.

Until they pierce into the eyes of my oh so

beloved mother.

I see the premonition.

I can picture its echo – forcibly rupturing my


I can envision the sweet sound of my mouth

open wide.

My wailings of lamentation.

My cries for salvation.


It may not have happened yet,

But the universe has decided.

And I guess I’m all set.


3, 2, 1 –

The tears stream down,

And looking inwards I regret to inform

That I have rewritten the ingredients

On my label.

Oh, what a bore!


I need a change of wallpaper.