‘Untitled’ by James Fricker, age 13, Year 9, Soham Village College

8th June 3052

Dear Diary,

Yesterday Oxa told me about the location of a metal world cave that could give me some answers about… well… me. So today I decided to head to the location of it. It was about 2000m away so it was a bit of a trek. However, the distance was the least of my worries. About a third of the way there I saw three sawtooths in my way that I couldn’t go around. I could hear the hydraulics of their legs and their necks moving. The sound of sparks from the loose wires scratched at my ear drums. I crept to the long grass but one of them heard me. Thankfully the long grass hid me but I was far from safe. I tried my hardest to be still as the sawtooth’s eerie eyes scanned for me glowing like the sun. But this was my chance to strike. I jabbed my spear through the neck of the machine and tugged twice to get it out, but the machine was still alive. I ran and dived for the rock behind me and drew my bow as the sawtooth peaked around the rock and that is when I released the arrow. Dead in the eye. I was then able to get past the other 2.

Once I made it to the cave I entered with my bow precariously drawn. I ventured into the cave until I found a hologram. I enabled it with my Focus (The glowing thing on my ear). It was this woman again who was she? Was she my mother? And what did she do to cause these machines to “go rogue” as they said? She was talking about a plan to use the machines on another “country” as a “war weapon”. Then it ended. Really informative. Not. Then I went even further into the cave.

Crash! “What was that?” I said to myself in a low voice. Then I found out it was the death warriors who had resurrected a deathbringer. It shook the ground with every step. I crept down to a wooden crate and silently shot one of the death warriors in the head. Dead. Then another. Until there were no more. I knew that they are susceptible to overheating so I used fire arrows. So, I shot a fire arrow right at its cannon which disabled. But then it turned and saw me. It unloaded its machine gun at me but I avoided all the bullets using cover. I shot and shot but they weren’t good enough, I just scratched it. I needed a shot at its eyes… I jumped out from the crates and drew my bow. It felt like I was in slow motion, so I lined up my shot and fired. Bullseye. Crash… The ground shook as it fell. I thought I should get out of there before any more dark warriors came so I found the exit and went home, and now I’m writing this.