‘Trapped’ by Shauna Davies-Fernee, Year 10, Thomas Clarkson Academy

The secluded street echoed as my steps pattered against the concrete; the still puddles of rainwater reflecting the incandescent streetlamp-being my only guide through this passage of darkness. The air grew sharp, the taste of ice withered on my tongue. The indigo sky began to blanket over with a sea of ragged clouds-cutting through the atmosphere like blades. I grew bitter with my surroundings and began to increase my pace, footsteps growing louder and more frequent; trying to escape my isolated thoughts.

As my mind was overfilled with concerns about my already vulnerable environment, it could not indicate the slow-moving vehicle creeping up behind me, blocked from my view. Instantly, a firm grip enclosed around my wrist. I barely had time to react when I was suddenly dragged away-my screams muffled and my body struggling to break free from the brawny force throwing me into the boot of a car.

My mind was a blur; a whirlpool of never-ending thoughts raced through my head like an animal struggling to run away from prey. My chest was in knots; the tight space around me felt as though it was closing in-the heavy air beginning to suffocate me. Trapped. Alone. No one was coming to save me. My arms felt like flames- the rough rope fibers burning against my scorching skin. I needed to put aside my pain and be aware of my surroundings-a pitch black car boot with seemingly no way out. “HELP! SOMEBODY PLEASE!” I kicked and shrieked- no one could hear my tired and blood curdling screams.

As time passed, my body began to give in- my dry, crumbling lips begged for water and my muscles burned trying to escape the restricting ropes. Just when my eyes were beginning to feel heavy and hopeless, I spotted something. A blade- cut like a shark tooth and serrated around the edges. I felt a light warm up inside of me; a glimmer of hope sparkled through my body. I began to kick it closer to me- the confined area making my legs difficult to squirm around. My grip desperately reached over towards it- my hands strained and tight. A sense of relief waved over me as the blade reached my hand. I briskly ran the knife through the ropes with a strong grip, anxious about it falling out of my reach. Suddenly, the ropes broke loose and there was only one thought now; escape.

I jammed the knife through the crevices of the car; strenuously bashing at the taillights and the opening of the boot-tightly locked and secure. I repeatedly smashed through the steal- the boot becoming ruins and breaking loose. After the tiresome destruction, the car boot spontaneously popped open- I rolled out-grazing my tender, hot skin.

I was free and desolate.