‘Timmy and his Family’ by Sophie

There was once a family living in Mexico, the place they were living in was becoming more and more dangerous by the day. They had to move to the USA as they were in Mexico at the time. It was not safe for the family to live in anymore, the parents knew they had to tell there children that they are going to have to escape but they just didn’t know how to. A week had gone by and the parents had not told the children the horrible news yet. They both knew they couldn’t legally move over the border from Mexico to the USA but they had no choice. It was getting to the point where terrorists were outside their house shooting windows and throwing bombs in peoples homes.

Three days later, and the time had come for them both to tell their children the devastating news. They were both especially worried about the eldest boy in the family. His name was Timmy but his younger brother and sister called him Tim for short. All three of them got along so well that Tim always taught them how to read and write. He wanted them to be clever and have a good life in the future. The parents gathered all of them into the one room they have been living in for the past 6 years since their other house had been destroyed. The news eventually came puit the other two younger siblings handled it as if they were just going on vacation, however Tim took it a lot more worse than that. He knew that if they attempted to cross the border not all of them would make it especially as his siblings are so young they would slow them all down. It was beginning to get to the end of the day whilst everyone was half asleep by then. Tim couldn’t get to sleep. He heard people shooting outside, people screaming and babies crying. He stormed out of the doorway and ran up to the shooters, the people Tim and everyone else in that area were too scared of. He kept running with his dad running after him. ‘TIM NO!’ his dad was screaming at him not far behind. As Tim started running slower and slower to close her gpot he eventually stopped and started crying. He turned round to his dad running towards him. Suddenly one last gunshot went off his dad thought it was over, but it wasn’t, that last gunshot went straight through Tim, hell on his knees and hit the ground face first. His dad screamed and screamed. The rest of the family ran towards them both and started crying until they got to where Timmy’s dad had Tim bleeding to his death in his arms. His mum just watched her son die in her fathers arms and the little boy and girl hugged him tight and don’t let go.