‘Time the Final Frontier’ by Liam, Year 9, Bury St Edmunds County High School

What happened to us? When did this awe-inspiring abundance of people become so … hollow? So empty. So cold.  Nowhere, nowhere feels like home anymore, as if the tender loving care of a warm enveloping hug is lost, lost to a place no map could find. The place every explorer wishes they could go. Where scientists could only dream of getting. Getting across the border. The border of Time…

Until, what felt like an eternity ago; we were united; we were unbothered by the shackles that kept us bound and bonded as we wandered around aimlessly day by day; still we could not even begin to fathom the impending change that loomed above us, diverting history itself.” This is one step for a man one giant leap for mankind…” those words floated along the airways dancing along like the notes of a symphony “when those words were spoke those many years ago a new frontier was unlocked “ Nothing, the world was listening , for the first time the people had taken their heads out of the sands and looked up paying nothing but full attention to the booming voice “ The border of time has been Broken…

“Today dystopia, tomorrow…” in what seemed to be voids of endless darkness, a flicker, as if his real plans were about to come to light “… Tomorrow Utopia.” The words themselves should have made the world rejoice, for we have done it, done what people craved for millennia. But, it all felt wrong, as if the demise of us all was imminent. We all felt and we all did nothing. Sheewomp! The broadcast cut and still no-one moved a muscle.

The tip of the iceberg was all we had seen that day, and it only get worse; Riots of ideologies; environmental disputes; and worst of all the public. The public was terrified of the man behind the screen.  The government seized the man and the machine in a barren military facility, where the misunderstood and dangerous decay, never to see the light of day again, how wrong were we.

Pscheee! “This is a message for those who turned their back on me, on my work, on my life! I paint you a picture of an unparalleled year of torment and suffering!” The yell of this broken man echoed through an infinite abyss. Those eyes, those eyes! Now wild with agonising trauma flooding back from an unfathomable year of captivity.

“And I start with you!” Daggers sliced through the airwaves “The ones who sat there and watched the world fall, piece by piece until an avalanche of disasters that washes over you faster than a tsunami and higher than a skyscraper.” The fractional pause forced the world to breathe. Perhaps the last it would take. “Today I erase all of the torturous pain, Today I turn back the doomsday clock Today I do what was said all those years ago and take the leap for mankind…”