‘Tick…Tock’ by Anonymous

A dying woman’s take on life. I watch the fragility of time creep past as the hour hand hurries away in the city centre ticktock…ticktock…ticktock.

How ominous it is but nobody bats an eyelid; too preoccupied with whatever task that lays ahead. An unabating omen that we will all one day die. The writings on the wall, it’s as clear as day. Our bodies slow, our skin sags, and our eyes glaze over late at night on the souls lost on news in the background.

The reality may penetrate your mind for a minute or two with the words “oh pour soul” but the truth is, it never even made a scratch on your soul, if it did you would all live a little differently.

The unfortunate truth is that those are fleeting moments that slip away as quickly as you can catch them. We all know the truth that our time on this earth is ephemeral. Yet, I watch and you all seem to cling to the momentary objects that grant a millisecond of happiness rather than focusing your existence on the core of the human experience: love, passion, family or friends.

The building blocks to living a life that creates it to be meaningful.

To hold an impact on other people’s lives so that even when you’re gone, a part of your soul lives on inside another person or piece of work allowing your memory to grow as strong as cypress trees.

None of this will be here forever.

If you saw the countdown above your heads, perhaps you would all live a little differently. I see the same people focusing on the most peculiar of problems. It may seem harsh but in my opinion, it’s trivial. Most of the issues all seem the same. Perhaps they acted out in different ways but at the end of the day, the majority of the issues began from the same root; ignorance.

If we were to be a little more patient with each other and choose to love instead of hate perhaps life would taste sweeter.

Rarely do I ever find a person that truly understands but when I do, I enjoy watching for a moment while I witness life. I assume it’s easier to think that you live for eternity rather than accept the inevitable fate.

Every day I watch the grand clock in the city centre as you glide past me, you never take notice. So I just sit and watch.