‘Things to remember’ by Alisha Turner, Year 9, Soham Village College


Dusk was gone, here comes dawn.
Two out of three were gone.
Millions of others have gone before them.
What a monster they had become.
It all started with violence, then broken glass.
One way to ruin class.
It covered, smothered pathways.
Glass glistening like water on the bay.
Many were left battered.
Lives were shattered.
It all happened in November.
Started as a blur.
But ruined lives forever.


They were kept away from the rest of us.
Never to be ambitious.
Disease and starvation took 500,000 faultless.
We all know it transports us.
8 to 10 in one room.
Full of doom and gloom.
Diseases like Typhus and Tuberculosis were widespread.
Trying to hide from the threat of the dead.
Deported to ‘death camps’ following.
No more knowing.
Food rations were deliberately low.
There was nowhere to go.
They were never coming home.

The Final Solution

They planned to eliminate Europe’s jewish population.
In 1941 to 1945 and impact the whole nation.
They used violence to force emigration.
One side effect of the aggression was more absorption.
Germany’s invasion of Poland added 2 million to the empire.
Then the ‘jewish question’ became entire.
They tried to move them to Madagascar for permanent.
The unavailability of resources destroyed that determinant.
They were trying to get rid of them but their expansions kept bringing more under their control.
Austria and Sudetenland were concealed in their control.
They considered shipping but had to postpone.
After the battle of Britain, the seas were a war zone.
What a terrible conclusion.
The final solution