‘The Writing on the Wall’ by Rufus, Year 9, Bromsgrove School

A swift stuffy breeze raced past my flailing limbs.

It pushed against me,

A malicious attempt at stopping me from staying alive.

Nothing would halt my efforts,

I had a drive to survive.


My resignation papers danced as frantically as I did,

Tossing and turning in my palm.

They seemingly made a desperate attempt to end my life,

But nothing would stop me.

I had a drive to survive.


I jetted around a corner,

Sweat dribbling down my glazed forehead.

It obstructed my vision,

It blurred my sights.

Was this yet another attempt at guaranteeing my plight?


The final stretch approached,

Buildings looming either side.

My pathetic legs were close to insisting that I died.

It was just a few metres,

But I was squandering my drive to survive.


I reached the dreaded building,

Almost passing out from exhaustion.

My whole body was going to shut down,

But I was still able to see the writing on the wall.

It was plastered there smugly, for the horror of us all.


These wicked attempts to stop me had turned to success,

I had let the whole world down.

From that sinister building, the whole world would drown,

Collapsing into ruin, casting a spell of pall.

Not deserved by its inhabitants, no not at all.