‘The Writing on the Wall’ by Kirsty Egan, year 9, St Edmund’s Catholic School

There’s always writing wherever you go,
Can’t have an opinion, go with the flow.
Staying true to yourself can be quite hard.
One man always has the ultimate card.
Controls you, perceives you, changes your life.
Feels like you’re being cut up with a knife.
Trapping you physically and mentally.
Forgetting what it is like to feel free.

The writing on the wall restricts you so
Much, you feel like you’re the lowest of low.
‘Don’t let them control you!’ they scream and shout
Me realising that there is no way out.
Falling, crumbling completely melting down.
We don’t have freedom, not no one in town.

We all feel as though our time’s nearly up,
All of our tears falling into a cup.
The writing is cruel, it makes me feel weak.
I constantly feel like I am a freak.

I would like for someone to help us call
To battle the writing that’s on the wall!