‘The Writing on the Wall’ by Jackson Richards, year 10, St Edmund’s Catholic School

9:03 AM.

Alissa Stapleford darted down the Alley. Lambeth high school’s renowned bullies, Simone Smith and her devious peers, followed closely behind, all gripping malicious machetes.

As they honed in on the opening of the eerie alley, they sensed a malignant energy. A strong force, almost deathly, took hold of them, compelling them to leave the scene with speed.

Alissa was isolated, alone and vulnerable.

It was as if night had struck instantaneously. As if the brilliant sunrise had developed into the dead of night, the witching hour.

Something moved.

Probably a rat, burrowing in the bins. Or maybe a cat, scampering back home for its evening meal.

Relieved, Alissa bean to edge out of the alley, cautious of Simone, in close proximity.

A hand gripped her shoulder. Long wiry fingers crushed her, her deltoids ripping out of her body. Crimson blood cascaded the crimson walls, slowly dripping, like and old tap, to create the words, “Do not trespass”.

Alissa Stapleford was never seen alive again. Her crushed torso, displayed upon a lamppost opposite her family home. Her eyes seemed alive; her few remaining teeth displayed a murder hungry smile.

Below her impaled visage, lied her guts. The sidewalk was splattered with entrails, which spelt out “Maria Stapleford is my next victim”.