‘The Writing on the Wall’ by Harrison Milne, year 10, St Edmund’s Catholic School

7:00 AM and Kingsley got up for another melancholy day of his wasted life. Building up from the bottom was never for him. After besting his classmate, Brian, to get into Cambridge leaving the arrogant teen behind without further education, everything was set: a rich background, the best help and perfect society life. Each unravelled in a matter of minutes after being caught graffitiing on a wall in the city centre, just to discover this side alley led to a famed statue of a medieval ruler. The writing was on the wall for Kingsley and the rich future he had been promised had turned into stocking the shelves in Waitrose to scrape a living.

After another lengthy shift he ran into a wall in pristine condition next to the park. A tall man stood by and walked towards the wall reaching for his pocket. He pulled out some spray cans but when he met Kingsley’s eyes, dropped it and bolted; Kingsley went onwards, yet stopped the can. No harm would come if he took it he thought, whilst examining the label, stunned at the price tag of 20 pounds. He longed for a time when he could throw 20 pounds at anything he wanted, but that time was never. In the moment he wrote on the wall “I don’t want a lesson, I want money”. He moved on quickly after speaking his mind, a message to his poverty.

The next day he went to grab coffee on the way to work and after the detour he stumbled across an unusual box. He opened it to find £500.

It couldn’t be a coincidence he thought on his way to the park and the wall. Untouched it was and on it he wrote “millionaires don’t care, can I be one”. This time he went on his route and found another box, the same type. He opened it like a treasure chest to behold a briefcase filled with £50 notes. Ecstatic Kingsley repeated the method increasing the amount every time and returned home as a millionaire. He called in to say he was quitting and then told his friend about the miracle that he had money.

His friend Johnny came from lesser origins and worked at Waitrose as well but decided to use the newfound power for fun, wishing comic tragedies on passers-by and those they disliked. It was brilliant fun but the fun ended when they were seen and just made it home. Later on scrolling through the channels Kingsley noticed a tragedy a car crash which had numerous fatalities. The next day at the wall he realised someone else had spray painted on the wall and it said, “Mark Jones will die today”, shocked he noticed that the same man died in the car crash.

Stunned he ran to the police to show them the wall but on return he saw his old classmate Brian and the words “Kingsley Webb will die today”.

The writing was on the wall.