‘The Writing on the Wall’ by Adrian Cagape, year 10, St Edmund’s Catholic School


The cry pf the police sirens pierced my ears for a brief instance, but it rapidly faded away as the car began to get smaller and smaller, lost deeper into the dark drenched streets of Tokyo. The cold chilled my spine as I witnessed numerous more cars race by – too many to count. Several questions flooded my brain to fill in the blanks created by the confusion of the countless cars, but I stopped myself before I started to drown. I continued to follow the path of the pavements illuminated by the tall skinny lampposts that towered over me. After walking for what seemed like an eternity, I began to feel this pain in my stomach. It overwhelmed me, throwing me down on my knees. Seconds later, the pain began to engulf my lungs; I gasped for air begging to be saved. I struggled, fighting for my life although it was pointless: my vision began to fade until everything went black.

Blood. I awoke, immediately glancing down to see blood on my hands. What? Why? Where? Who? The more I looked around, the more questions were answered. My legs trembled as I discovered the corpse of someone I did not recognise. Blood oozed from their eyes and several slashes could be seen on the victim’s chest. I get back on my feet and noticed that there were several pieces of writing on the wall.

‘He deserved it’



What did I do?