‘The Sigmund revolution’ by Joseph Lloyd, Soham Village College

My blaring alarm clock ringed loud in my ear reminding me my dreadful job and hard work I have to do today. I got my ragged, dirty clothes on and headed to the junkyard. Ever since the robots took over we have been forced to work for free in dangerous jobs. My job is sorting the scraps out and seeing what can be reused and made into new robots and what should be burnt down and made into spare parts for our boss Dave-E9000.

I walked to work in the pouring rain reminding me of my dreadful life of being a unpaid worker to Dave-E9000. As soon as I got to work I began sorting scraps. I could be working non-stop for hours if we had a ton of scraps. While I was working in the corner of my eye I saw a hole in the barbed wire electric metal fence. It was a chance to escape and feel freedom like life was before the Robot revolution. Sneakily I scurried away, dodging the red lights emitted from the security cameras so I was just out of sight. I crawled in the wet mud with my beaten-up hands that has bee wounded from multiple sharp edges of the scrap metal. Once I escaped I quickly ran away into the streets of the city.

“WHERE IS SIGMUND” Dave-E9000 shouted when he realized I had escaped. He threw his bottle of oil he uses to stay fueled across the room in anger. “FIND ME HIM NOW!!!” he screamed at his assistant. Of course, the scared assistant John-F200 agreed and went on a search.

Meanwhile in the streets I was searching for shelter when came across a group of escapees from other robots. A group of rebels ready to face robots. They were first defensive but when I told them my story they let me join and we had planned to take Dave-E9000 out of power and out of fuel.

The next day we put our plan into action. Wayne the leader of the rebel group went to the oil pipes after sneaking past security and planted a secretly made bomb using scraps from the junkyard he had also escaped from. I cut the power lines towards the towers and then we met up and snuck inside and ran up the long stairway to Dave-E900os office.

Once we made we made it all the way up Dave-E9000 turned around to look at us in his chair. “I was expecting you, John-F200 informed me where you all were at all times.” We were surprised we didn’t notice but then I started to shout at him “Surrender or you’ll be turned into scrap parts” Suddenly a crowd of robots surrounded us and the others surrendered except me. Suddenly Wayne appeared behind him and grabbed his neck and threw Dave-E9000 out of the gigantic building.

I swiftly ran down the long stairway and exited the tall building a free man away the hands of Dave-E9000.