‘The robot fortress’ by Toby Wheeler, Soham Village College

I slowly opened my beaten, sleepy eyes and heard the sound of electrical sparks in the distance. Reluctantly, I grabbed hold of the Stoney slab which I assumed was a bed and climbed my battered body onto it. I looked around and seemed to be inside of a colossal robot fortress with bulky 8 feet tall robots with eyes as red as blood. My weary legs were cut up and bruised. The ancient walls seemed to be closing in on me and I could hear the faint screams of distant frightened families. I was trapped in here and I didn’t know how long for. I just sat in despair and tried to cat my memory back to why I was here.

An hour later, I sat up and heard the footsteps of a mechanical machine stomping toward me. I then head a loud rattle of the metal door. The robot seemed to be larger then the other robots a wore a golden helmet. “Do you know why you’re here?” The robot demanded shaking the room with the noise. “No” I replied back dazed. The robot warden explained that I was captured in a robot only zone and was sent here as punishment. This was known as the robot fortress and I didn’t seem like I would be let out any time soon.