‘The Roadblocks of Life’ by Harris, Year 9, Soham Village College

Life is not linear,
And it’s certainly not easy,
You face the roadblocks
And expect it to be breezy.

Your first words,
Your steps,
Even your alphabets,
Block you from moving forward,
You may even think it’s horrid.

But you push through,
You try, you cry,
Sometimes even think you’d die,
Just give the count of ten,
And try and try.

You take those steps,
You speak, you scream, shout all week,
You say the a,b,c,
Might even count to 3,

You’re a champion,
By all means you’re the man,
You’ve done the impossible,
Yet you can’t forget that most of all,

You’ve crossed the border.
And now you’re prepared
For what life’s got for ya.