‘The Poisoned World’ by Levi Gordon, Soham Village College

Dan had been forced underground. All children crying, being forced away from their parents. This is a gloomy, toxic world and it won’t be long until our human species is completely wiped.

Giddy, light headed and shocked Dan made out way down into the non-toxic underground tunnels. It looked like it wouldn’t be long until we lost all our life savings of food. The lights went out and everyone could smell something unfamiliar. Then a crumble and a long wheeze. The gas was leaking. Was this the end of human life? A nightmare? A life-threatening situation. Suddenly, it stopped. There was an almighty “whew” from all the endangered human’s species.

The ground crumbles, everyone screaming as the gas fills the muddy trenches of tunnels, towering over the departed bodies and the souls that left the bodies of innocent people. This hostile world needs to be stopped. There is a timer until you die in the hazardous gas. 1 minute in the terrifying gas and you would have dies.

Dan, suddenly makes a move in hopes to find an oxygen tank. No luck. There shack was full of oxygen but his insides slowly burning from the gas.

Dan stormed around, and looked in the cabinets. All was silent has everyone passed? He felt so euphoric as he proudly found an oxygen mask with a portable tank. This is a massive relief as he has asthma. Dan is horrified, as the sights he has seen today were dreadful and sickening.

Dan is very impatient, but he had to wait for days; starving, scared and scarred for his life. The gas ended up cleaning away but everyone was alive, but a crowd, a crowd over what? He had just managed to have food and find oxygen. He should have the crowd.