‘The Great Escape’ by Ruby Speke, Year 10, Thomas Clarkson Academy

It was a cold winter afternoon, and I was returning home from school when I heard someone yell my name. I looked around and noticed a car parked, so I approached it and looked through the window to see who it was, when someone grabbed me from behind. I began to scream, but the person behind me clapped their hands over my mouth and shoved me into the car. I looked around and saw two masked men in the rear and one masked person in the front. Filled with terror and confusion, I try to fight my way through it as the car speeds through the empty streets. I refused to give up, and before long, I was hit over the head with a large item, causing me to black out. When I finally came around, I noticed that a sack was securely placed over my head, and I was bound by my hands and feet with no way out.

After what seemed like hours of driving, the car came to a halt. Someone pulled me up, carried me outside, and then dropped me to the ground. I gently tried to stand on my feet. before someone pulled the sack from my head. I looked around and noticed what appeared to be a prison. I tried to be cool as I was pushed into the prison and then into a cell.

“What am I going to do?” I thought to myself as I walked around the cell. Who are these individuals and why did they kidnap me? I had so many questions in my thoughts. I realised they had left the door unlocked. How idiotic are they to attempt to kidnap someone and keep the door unlocked? Was this a ploy to see if I would run so they could react? If not, then they must be judt stupid. I took a few moments to glance about and realised there was nobody nearby, so I decided to make a dash for it. I slowly unlocked the cell and crept out of the cell. I saw a window and looked outside, where all the kidnappers were gathered, one of whom was on the phone.

I stepped away from the glass and considered what I needed to do next. I returned to the jail to look around for something, anything. I noticed that the cell keys were on the wall. I took the keys and went ahead to start on a decoy. While holding the keys in my hand, I decided to lie on the ground and yell, “Help, help.” “Oh, please help me.” Suddenly, the kidnappers broke through the door and into my cell. As they entered the cell without thinking, I jumped up and managed to lock them inside.

I ran outdoors till I saw someone chatting on their phone. I approached them and asked if I might use their phone to call the police. When the police arrived, they were startled to find me sitting outside and the kidnappers in a prison cell. Such uncertainty, but such a great escape.