‘The Cost’ by Paige Adams, Thomas Clarkson Academy

Thunder crashed,

As bombs roared throughout the village,

Rubble shot through the air,

Colliding with people who were trying to go anywhere,

Anywhere but there.


Rain poured down attempting to make a tranquil atmosphere,

Yet it had no chance,

The enemies grew closer creating a big show,

Children, adults…


Dead. All because they were part of a cause that they did not volunteer for.

Trapped in a delusional trance,

Hypnotised by the bundle of colours that their uniforms possessed.

Running I escaped the grip that death held on me,

Over the line,

The line into safety,

Into Norway.


Chucking off the suffocating gas mask,

I could breathe fresh air for the first time in 4 weeks,

Peering into the blanket of stars that was above me,

The northern lights paved the way to an even greater safety,

Yet I did not follow it straight away,

I stayed there; witnessing the glories of the lights that formed a multi-coloured sea,

Feeling all my past terrors flyaway.

Into nothingness, dissolved like the loved ones lost.