‘The Consequences of Mankind’ by Natalia Lakatosova, Age 14

Why does the world have to be so cruel?

Mankind has really taken a heavy toll for the worse.

Constant bickering and disagreements,

People no longer agree to disagree,

Instead they prefer to create conflict.

Conflict that eventually turns into war.

Even the smallest thing can spark a conflict!

Wars make our Earth cruel and unbearable.


War is a multiple of things.

Its primary goal is to injure, kill, and destroy.

Is war necessary anymore?

And just like that.

A catastrophe of emotions,

Of death

Of pain.

Floods my memory with blurred images.

Ruthless troops battling not just for their own lives but also for the fate of their countries.


Families, children and civilians attempt to escape the brutality.

They instead become refugees.

Forced to leave their beloved countries.

All because of a feud between two men!

Imagine, living your life in a place that you don’t call home.

You must begin a new life.

All because of a feud between two men!


Refugees, refugees, refugees

This one word that shapes your life with deliberate boundaries.

A word born out of hate, strife, torture and pain.

A word that knows no colour, age or creed

Refugees cross borders into the unknown,

sometimes borders that are saturated with war and violence.

Tough, because you never know if you will survive

Our planet is filled with space for all to live in peace.

Peace? The word itself has become a space invader as we lose ourselves to a world of hopelessness.