‘The Border’ by Yasmine

There was once a man called Steve who wanted to cross the border, he lived with his strict, cruel, overprotective parents in Florida. It had always been his dream to get away from life back home and cross the border. One day he decided it was time. Steve packed his bags and left home, he knew it was the right thing for him and he would be happier. Steve left his home and drove to the border.

The journey to the border was 3 hours in the car, Steve’s thoughts were rushing through his head. He was slowly regretting what he was doing. 2 hours later, Steve was getting tired, his hands were becoming stiff. Finally he saw the border. He could smell the salty ocean air. He slowly opened the car door and took a deep breath. He got his backpack and small suitcase from the car boot and walked towards the border. Suddenly, a tall man appeared from behind, “stop right there” said the tall slender man. Steve slowly turned around and froze. “Can I help you?” said steve.

The tall man looked him up and down. “Can I see your passport?” he asked. Steve went into his backpack pocket and shoved his hand inside. His shaking sweaty hands couldn’t feel anything inside the pocket. Steve’s heart suddenly dropped. He had left his passport at home in Florida. “ I, i, seem to have left it”. The man stared at him, the only option Steve thought was right was to run to the border. Steve panicked and ran right past him, the man chased after steve. “Oi you get back here now!” Steve’s heart was racing. Steve ran faster than ever until he couldn’t hear the man’s footsteps running after him anymore.

Steve turned around to look at where the man was, the man stood 5 feet away from him and got out a gun from his pocket. Steve was in shock. The man quickly started firing straight at Steve. Steve hopped over the border wall and crouched down carefully.