‘The Beast’ by Maddie Edwards, Year 10, Thomas Clarkson Academy

In the void of the night, a sinister stillness enveloped me. The air throbbed with an undercurrent of danger, pressing down upon me like an immense weight. As I cautiously navigated the shadowy streets, the grim exterior of buildings loomed like silent guardians. Each eerie streetlight cast an ominous glow, revealing long, menacing shadows that seemed to dance with the whispers of the wind.

Suddenly, a growl echoed from a dark alley. Adrenaline surged through my veins as I spun around, my heart pounding in my chest. There, in the dim glow of a single flickering light, a pair of blazing eyes stared at me, piercing through the darkness like daggers. A formidable figure emerged from the shadows, its massive frame shrouded in a torn and tattered jacket. The beast’s eyes narrowed, and its lips curled into a menacing snarl. Fear paralyzed me for an instant, but desperation ignited within me. I lunged forward in an act to defend myself. It dodged my feeble attempt with ease, its laughter echoing through the empty street.

With a surge of panic, I ran. My legs carried me through the labyrinthine streets, the beast in relentless pursuit. Its footsteps pounded behind me, growing louder with each stride. I dodged obstacles, desperate to escape. But the beast was relentless, closing in on me as the seconds ticked by. Just when I felt all hope was lost, I stumbled upon a narrow opening in a crumbling wall. Without hesitation, I squeezed through the opening, narrowly avoiding the beast’s outstretched claws. I stumbled into a secluded area, hidden from view. The beast stood at the entrance, its eyes burning with frustration. I crouched behind a pile of rubble, my breath coming in ragged gasps. The beast paced back and forth, its claws scraping against the wall. The sound filled the empty area with an eerie and menacing symphony.

As the night wore on, the beast’s anger grew intense. It began to try find other ways through, its shouts echoing through the secluded area. I knew I had to escape. Summoning all my remaining strength, I jumped to my feet and ran towards the far end of the area. To my relief, there was a small, unguarded entrance hidden behind a pile of debris. With trembling hands, I pushed passed the rubble and stumbled through. The beast was closing in on me, but I managed to outpace it. As I ran, I heard the wall collapsing behind me, and I knew that I had narrowly escaped the clutches of a deadly predator.

I ran home as fast as I could, it taking the rest of my strength. I swung open the door and curled up into a ball, crying myself to sleep. I woke up the next day, traumatised by what had happened. I went outside and there HE was. The guy that chased me down last night. He was there, going about his day-to-day life. Acting as if nothing had happened.