‘The adventure of Quickston’ by Oscar Paterson, Soham Village College

War, pain, sadness, death. That’s all I ever see in this cruel world ceased by these Zombified-Robots. I wrap my scarf around me. As another wire brain eater charges into my sword, I quickly cut him down. The fog spreads around us like a tight belt leading us to our demise, but as we scale the steep cloudy mountain. Then something catches my eye.

“What that?” Shaggy asked. I looked at the dark dungeon in confusion. What is that I thought to myself. As we got closer and closer, an eerie feeling shot me still.

Stood as still as a statue, my thoughts were blinded by darkness and death.

“Quaggle?” Shaggy asked, scared to death of life has come to. Tensing my body, I just manged to break through the dark thoughts. As I recuperated myself, I stared up at the giant, black, metallic doors, thinking of what’s to come. Suddenly, an echoed scream hit us, sending us all into a state of fear, then followed by a scorching heat wave. Frozen by fear, the gargantuan silver doors rattled, shaking us free.

“We need to get in there!” I commanded, hoping to motivate everyone.

“But how?” Simon asked, raising my blade, I thrusted it into the doors. After many attempts, a loud noise finally erupted, but it wasn’t the doors, something else, was there…

A massive horde of zombies and half destroyed robots charged towards us.

“Run!” I shouted. We all scattered around the dungeon opening, picking of the infected one by one. As the horror horde overwhelmed us, the massive dungeon doors luckily opened giving us a glimmer of hope.

“Get to the doors!” I shouted. We all ran straight to the door, quickly shutting the opening behind us.

“Are we all okay?” I asked, they all replied with a nod. A deep stairwell stared back. Worried but also confident we all slowly made our way down. At the bottom of the stairwell, a jet-black room loomed over us. A cold shiver ran down my spine, freezing the grip between me and my sword. As we entered the room a silver outline stuck to glued my eyes. Carefully walking towards the pale beast, I tapped it with my weapon. Then slowly walked away. But then as I let my guard down the gargantuan monster stood and towered over us…