‘Student: Looking Through’ by Benjamin Wilson

The images flickered past. My thought pounding in my head; I wanted to do something say something… anything! A small murmur echoed. Nothing. Once again, the thoughts screamed in my head. Why am I like this? Let me in! But I couldn’t bring myself to face them. So, I walked on.

Every day, day after day I peered through that harsh metal border. Joyful screams echoed through my mind which was like no other pain. I knew something had to change in our brutal system.

The air was fresh and warm that day. Once again, the faint sound greeted my ears. My pace began to quicken, my anger and passion rising just as fast. With an almighty whack. I pounded on the steel bars. “Let me in!” I said. But once again there was nothing. I shouted this time “Let me in!”. Stunned faces spun to stare at me. They began to laugh. I knew it. I could never join them.

I just wanted to learn.

To have an education.

But no.