‘Student’ by Camilla Murdoch, Age 13, Year 9, Fallibroome Academy

The American and Mexican border is a massive 1,951 mile border separating the two countries and almost 8000 illegal immigrants cross the border from Mexico illegally every day whether they are looking for a better place for their family, the American dream or smuggling illegal drugs into America.It’s much more common for Mexicans to cross the border to America illegally more than Americans crossing the border illegally to Mexico due to certain political and economical issues in Mexico.

A lot of human trafficking goes on between the border and Many Human Trafficking Victims Are Brought in Through Force or Coercion. In some cases, traffickers use force or coercion to recruit their victims. It may be a threat of force or actual physical violence that makes someone comply with their demands. So they might not want to actually go across the border but are being forced to or they might be giving a lot of money to go over the border with help or they might just be doing this dangerous act alone.

Borders don’t just exist in the americas some people see the sea as a border and illegal immigrants go from their home countries for whatever the reason it might be that it is too dangerous in their home country right now or something n else but a lot of this happens to the uk and illegal immigrants wash up on our beaches everyday and more than 52,000 where found luckily alive last year but it is very dangerous that these people are doing this because the sea is a dangerous place and these people normally come on packed little dinghy which are very overcrowded.

We have a name for people who are seeking refuge. We call them asylum seekers because they are seeking asylum in our country.

However asylum seekers are very political whether or not they should be allowed in the country or not a lot of people think they should be allowed in the country because they are seeking refuge from their dangerous country that is probably going through a war to go to our country which they think is very safe and quite rich but a lot of others think that they should not be allowed in the country because of more political stuff so over all it’s just a big political mess. People think that asylum seekers shouldnt be let in the country because it takes money to take care of them until they are back on their feet so a lot of it is money. Glasglow has taken the most asylum seekers in the United Kingdom approximately 10,000 in 2022 but the numbers keep rising. So do you think that we should allow asylum seekers with open arms into the United Kingdom or we shouldn’t?