‘Strangers in a Strange Land’ by Abena Marfo, Year 9, Wolverhampton

In search of a better life, they come
From distant lands, from their homes
They leave behind all they know
In the hope of a brighter tomorrow

The journey is long, the path is harsh
The road is rough, the way is dark
But they press on, they persevere
For the dream is real, the hope is near

They cross the seas, they climb the walls
They brave the cold, they risk it all
For a chance to live, to love, to be
For a chance to be truly free

The land they seek is not their own
The language spoken is unknown
The customs differ, the culture shocks
But they adapt, they learn, they walk

The road ahead is full of strife
The way is hard, the path is rife
With challenges and obstacles to overcome
But they are strong, they are not undone

They build their homes, they start anew
They work hard, they pay their dues
They contribute to the land they love
For they are immigrants, and they are tough

Their struggles are many, their journey long
But they are here, they belong
To a land of hope, of dreams, of light
For they are immigrants, and they are right.