‘Smokey’ by Finley Turrell, Soham Village College

Sinking, I say how the world feels, changing around every corner. All for what?


Turning away was hard, giving up was draining for a future no one will see.

Its 2084, the robots happened to have the world judged by fate challenging mankind. This was impossible thought so but who knew it was upon us slowly, day by day, time at a time.

One opportunity not worth relying on, a rumor, a myth. Smokey!

Smokey a rebel robot said to be the miracle for the greater population of mankind but yet so. Not worth relying on.

Mankind’s only hope, dream and savior scarce of life they have been on a mission just one all for nobody not a hint just nobody.

2 months later…

Humanity are in disbelief; no hope just full of doubt

With no savior nothing is possible; humanity is destined to go.

The slums have swept over the streets covering all the roads in litter and pesky rodents that aggressively scavenge for food. The environment is beaten plants cannot go the indigenous nature has been removed from the face of the Earth it is like a statement from the sentient robots standing their ground and showing dominance of the strictly controlled Earth.

Humans have become nomadic fleeing from unsafe areas that cover and make a human panic in distress just for food. This world has been doomed.


20th September 2084

A rumbling underground has stopped whirling and bellowing down every road and bending around every corner. A substantial cloud erupted into the sky with a bright light shooting over the area that is drenched in darkness like an ocean.

It shot down.