‘she was gone’ by Sophie

January 21
Two or so months have passed since we have had to relocate and fight for our lives. The
toxins are seeping into the landscape. Deeper and deeper. Determined to torture anyone
within reach. It’s like a ghost of the past. Two months have passed and we have had to
relocate and fight for our lives.

February 11
We’re now so deep within the earth that there is no way of getting out. Our rations are
slimming rapidly. My mother is becoming weaker and weaker. We’re so deep into the earth
there is no way of getting out, except I have to.

February 28
My mother is now so weak she can no longer stand or open her eyes wide enough to be
able to see. She is solely relying on me. I had to help her except I didn’t have the utensils in
which to do so. It was either risking my life to save my mothers or risking hers for mine. To
me this was not even a question I was going to save my mothers life.

March 9
Today was the day. With nothing to hand or no protection in which to save me if I ever
needed it I began to climb the tunnels to reach the “Above ground”. I couldn’t remember
what it looked like let alone what life was like. After hours of climbing through the menacing
eerie tunnels not being able to see anything but darkness there was finally a glimpse of light.
Every step I took the more it filled my vision. Preparing for the worst, I re-assured myself that
everything would be ok and carried on walking. The air was thick and it was getting harder
to breathe with every breath I took. All the memories came flooding back and were swirling
around in my head.Everything almost looked the same, except the people were missing.
My eyes began to blur and I could and a foul smell snaked up my nose. I knew something
wasn’t right. My heart was beating faster and my body began to shake. Steps were getting
harder and harder to take. Besides this I began to carry on until I reached what should have
been a local convenience shop. I plied the door open with my hands, taking the last strength
out of me. I grabbed any form of medication insite as well as cans of food to replenish our
rations back home, stuffing them down any pockets I had. I headed back. My eyes began to
water, I could feel my energy levels begin to drain and the world began to spin. Putting one
foot in front of another I could see the tunnel of darkness filling my vision with every step I
took. Staggering down the tunnels I reached mother but it was too late. She was gone