‘Shattered but not Broken’ by Maya Petrova

November 2024… Munich Germany

Shattered but not Broken

Something unbelievable occurred last night. For the first time, my small town of Munich was bombarded. We were about to go to bed when we heard a tremendous commotion coming from the other road. My mother hurried us out the back door, where a gathering of kids from across town had congregated. My younger brother and I were sent to our teacher while our mother clutched us closely; we didn’t comprehend what was going on or why she was crying. The odours became too intense for our sensitive noses at that point, so we headed for the train stations.

We had to stick close to one another because the stations were busy with families parting ways…All the adults with us were crying, panicked, and terrified for their life at this time.  Was this the beginning of World War III? We hurriedly boarded the trains, which were crammed like sardines in a tin. I couldn’t stop wondering where my father was. I last saw him 5 hours ago when he left for work; where is he now, and is he safe?

We arrived in Poland a day later, exhausted from the boats and trains that had brought us here. There was no trace of my mum or papa. My little brother Marc was becoming impatient and asking too many questions, but I couldn’t just tell him we were on the verge of death and might never see our parents again. I attempted to reassure him that everything would be great, but were they…

I am now in a tiny Polish village with no method of reaching my mother and father, who are at a homeless shelter praying for me and my brother’s safety. Why would anyone want this to happen?  Killing and destroying the lives of so many children? Help us.