‘Sam and his Family Crossing the Border’ by Jones

There was a young boy who lived with his family in Mexico. The family was struggling with money so when his father received the chance of a  job opportunity in the US they took the chance immediately. They needed to travel there and stay for a while, so they booked a hotel with the little money they had. His mum, Scarlet, had applied for a visa but she had only done it 2 weeks ago, they were due to leave in a week. If they didn’t receive that visa they wouldn’t be able to cross the border. The family were packing their things when there was a knock at the door. Scarlet opened the door to a delivery man he handed her the envelope with what she hoped was her visa inside.

The next week the family were on their way to the US. They each had their passports and they had a visa. On their way through the border the family got split up, Scarlet’s son Sam and daughter Molly were directed to a different side to her and her husband jake. It took Scarlet and Jake 1 hr and 45 mins to get through and when they did they started looking for sam and molly. They couldn’t find them, eventually they found out they had not been let through and their passports had been taken from them and they were prevented from leaving. Their parents faced a decision they could either go back and go home with their children or leave, go to the US and get money but that would mean leaving their kids alone and forcing them to fend for themselves. Sam and Molly who were ages 11 and 14 had no way home and only a small amount of money. They had the clothes they were wearing and one bag each filled with some bare necessities. Security brought the kids to their parents, and Sam yelled to his mum “what should we do?” she yelled back “we must go u must go home, get the bus and use as little money as you can.” Molly, who was only 11, began to cry, “I don’t want to leave!” “We must leave,” said sam pulling her away. As they walked for the next 35 mins to the bus stop their parents entered the US.