‘Robots vs Humans’ by Ava Fordham, age 14, Year 9, Soham Village College

Gracie came home to this dystopian world. She was filled with confusion. “Why were there robots?” “What happened?” She kept repeatedly asking herself these questions. Then she saw it. She couldn’t believe her eyes. All of her friends and family were being locked up by robots.

This was it. Gracie’s only chance to save everyone. She was going for the test to see if she could get brainwashed by the robots. She had a plan. She was about to do something nobody had ever dared to do before…

Gracie’s name was called. She trembled over in fear. She was praying that this would work. She came out. Nervous for her results. She was shaking as she opened the envelope. It worked. She managed to fake the test! Now all she needed to do was free all her family and friends, without being caught. Otherwise, she would end up like all of the others. She knew she had to do this. All the pressure was on her.

Sneakily, she slipped into the robot uniform. She then slyly tip-toed over to the cells. Everyone was all there. This was it. Her only chance to free everyone. You could see the fear in everyone’s eyes as they saw the uniform in the distance. Then as Gracie got closer she removed the heavy helmet to reveal her true identity. Everyone’s faces lit up with joy. As quietly as she could she picked up the keys in hope that they would not make any noise. This was her only chance to free everyone from this world. Carefully, she slotted the key into the keyhole.

Everyone’s was trying to get out of the cramped cells as fast as they could. Once everyone was out, they all teamed up against the robots. This was it. They were finally free from the robots.