‘Pain Through My Eyes’ by Zara Wahid, Year 11, Holte School, Birmingham

Pain through my eyes.

Everyone feels it but yet they deceive it,

Like questions with no answers.

Like music  stopped all of sudden at a chorus,

And like a book with pages ripped out,

But as I’ve grew , I’ve seen through a decade and a half,

The pages that are subsequently ripped in the book are quite frankly the most significant,

Your feelings,

Your rawness,

Your vulnerability,


Because no matter your consciousness , your mindset ,your aspirations and the growth mindset they preach about in school,

Somewhere deep,

Beneath the skins , tissues.

Pain lives on like Satan,

Something evil and bitter,

Dragging and directing your life,

Into a way it shouldn’t be,

Moulding and casting,


Like the deep side of a swimming pool,

Two point three metres under you it’s there,

And it may splash or drench sometime along life and that’s okay,


But what I don’t find okay is that fact that why,

Why is it that when I’m at my lowest ,

When my cheeks are bright red and my lips tremor  ,

And I have sharp sensation of hurt within me,

Why does  ABC think I’m a source of weakness when really I’m just missing the XYZ in my life causing me to feel lost in the alphabet of the judgemental wide world.


Its a feeling a strange sort of feeling to be completely honest.

One that so confusing and lonely,

Mentally abusing us,

But we must remember as humans for our good sanity we will rise and somedays we will fall.

And it is at fall we must express this emotion ,

The emotion of pain.

So stopping double checking the doors locked before crippling into your misery ,

Stop silencing that hurtful cry,

And stop hiding the face of pain on the school desk tables as you see yourself as a  embarrassment

Because it’s that embarrassment which  in most cases builds upon your strengths.


It may have been there or maybe there at this very moment,

But we must remember we are all soldiers in our own mini battlefields of feelings .

And must remind ourselves it’s okay to not be okay.

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