‘Oxygens End’ by Milo Kruk, Year 9, Soham Village College

Waking up shivering and shaking like a car on a bumpy road with the rusty alarm clock blaring, barely with the synchronized pounding of people up stomping their boots. The sad reminder of the cold concrete when I stand up to get my boots. While tying the laces of my dusty boots with the built-up dirt exploding as the laces grinded against each other.

I walk up to my used to be shiny tap to get some water to quench the desert in my throat and as I struggle to twist the tap, the pipes start screaming and tumbling while the water starts to sputter out near freezing. When drinking it makes my throat freeze and a chill gets sent down my spine. I also hoped to smell fresh air but well its poisoned so I guess I’m stuck with this damp scent.

I’ve been asking everyone if they have anything to light up my room because I’m getting tired of this stone block I have to call home. But while trying to set up some lights the air pipe next to me busted open with the toxic air now flowing in and my adrenaline rushing I quickly clog it with a cloth and shout to others for help. As dust flying behind the people rushing and the voices getting louder I start getting dizzy from the gas that leaked out a couple of ticks of the clock and every click is your life being drained.

I now had people in my room 1-person Alex got a sealant while josh held the clot because I [email protected] dropping down like a stone rolling of a hill. I woke up a bit later on my bed with the pipe fixed and like another morning everything seemed normal with the tap still struggling and the walls still standing and with the lights I set up barely shining.